Cool Home Designs for Las Vegas

modern house in las vegas

Las Vegas is an exciting city, and there are a lot of reasons to live there besides entertainment and casinos. On the new homebuilding front, homebuilders are developing luxury and upscale neighborhoods with modern design in mind. They can also build any style home that buyers prefer, and remodeling contractors like Reviving Vegas can lift any home to its next level of beauty and appeal. Many home buyers are looking for spacious floor plans in their new or remodeled home.

Everyone looking to remodel or build a custom home has specific needs. Buyers should think in terms of lifestyle, timeline, location, size, and leave room for potential disagreements if there is a relationship involved. Your budget is critical as well. Be wiilling to accept the professional advice of the contractor.

Not every dream of yours may be practical. One of the most important things for the customer is being able to stick to the plan. Changing plans once the construction starts can waste time, money, and create frustration on everyone’s behalf. The home styles most prevalent in Las Vegas include the following.

1. Ranch-style homes in Las Vegas have always been popular, and are one-story and L shaped. Many Las Vegas homes are starter-homes with a one-car garage. If ranch style, they offer deep-seat eaves and gable roofs pitched low. These floor plans are open and enable an airy feel with as few interior walls as possible. They try to use as much space as possible. Home exteriors consist of brick, wood, or vinyl materials.

2. Multi-story homes can also be found in Vegas in abundance. These styles date back to the ‘50s, and feature compartmentalized living areas and an area above the garage dedicated to living space.

3. There are a number of Tudor-style homes as well. These homes had their origin in England during the Elizabethan age of architecture. The typical Tudor-style home features half-timbering where parts of the framework remain exposed and covered with stucco or partitioned with brickwork.

4. Spanish-style homes in Las Vegas also dot the Vegas landscape. They are mostly found in Florida and parts of the Southwest. Typical design for this style includes white stucco walls, tiled roofs pitched low, grillwork, decorative tiles, and a bell tower.

5. Italian villas are reminiscent of Italy, and include exterior walls of stucco, shallow roof lines, and cotta or ceramic roof tiles. Large brackets are typically located under the eaves.

6. Pueblo-style homes originate from the Pueblo and Hopi Native America nations. Many of these homes exist in Arizona and New Mexico. Their architecture consists of flat roofs and round angles. Beams, called “vigas” are typical. Both interior and exterior walls have a heavy plastered and rounded appearance.

7. Mediterranean-style homes in Las Vegas display the architecture of parts of France and Italy. They consist of single, two and three garages, terra cotta roof tiles, and prominent exterior detailing.

One of the best tips when remodeling, custom building, or buying a home is to work with professionals such as Reviving Vegas with the experience and knowledge to do the job right the first time around. Define your needs and find out if past buyers are satisfied. Make sure the builder has the right credentials and can offer warranties and stellar service. Are there custom homes available to tour? Look for testimonials. Every building contractor will have them. Make sure the builder is a member of relevant industry building associations.

With the right contractor in Las Vegas such as Reviving Vegas and the perfect home builder, Nevada home owners can look forward to spending years of quality time and creating quality memories in their new or remodeled home.