Why does a home office make you more productive?

working in an office at home

If you’re thinking about adding a home office into your remodeling plans, you’ve made a good choice. You can have a separate room, a small space that is part of the master bedroom or even an unused corner in the living room. Whatever the size of your office space, having an office at home can make you more productive. Here are just a few of the ways you’ll gain in productivity.

You get to work more

When you work from home, you’re only seconds from your office. After your morning cup of coffee and a shower, you can get right to work. There’s no need to hop in the car, drive to work, find parking and head to your desk. You also don’t need to wait for the train if you’re taking the subway. Some commutes can be 45 minutes to an hour each way. Those extra minutes wasted commuting can actually be spent working if you work from home. Then there are days when the train stalls, your car needs gas or there’s an accident on the road. These minor inconveniences can set your working day back by a couple of hours.

Co-workers can be a distraction

Nothing breaks your concentration more than co-workers walking by your desk and popping over to say hi. Add that in a few times a day, and you’ll discover that these kinds of chats can take a chunk out of your work hours. Even if no-one stops by your desk, working in an office means you’ll bump into others often. You’ll stop to talk to the people you meet when you head to the kitchen to refill your coffee cup, you’ll see co-workers in the elevator or you’ll run into them in the bathroom. These kinds of distractions don’t happen at home, which means you’re not stopping to chat, and you’re getting more work done.

You stay at work longer

When you’re working in an office, there’s a temptation to head out and be done with the day. Sometimes you want to leave exactly when your work day ends to avoid the rush-hour traffic. Other times, you’ll want to grab a drink with your co-workers. When you’re working at home, however, there’s no need to skip any rush-hour traffic. Nor do you have to get out of the office. This means you’ll probably put in a longer work day because your office is where you need to be at the end of the day: home.

Work meetings

Unfortunately, mandatory employee meetings come with office jobs. There are meetings to discuss sexual harassment issues, meetings to discuss health benefits, weekly meetings to update the employees on various projects and so on. Weekly meetings can last an hour. If you’re working at home, however, these updates are often sent to you via email.

You won’t catch the contagious flu going around the office

One of the benefits of working from home is you get to miss all the contagious diseases that get passed around in an office. From the common cold to the flu, contagious diseases during the winter months can be quite a nuisance. Skipping out on this means less sick days for you and more work hours.

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