Kitchen Remodel Trends

Kitchens have changed a lot over the decades. It is safe to say that open layouts are here to stay. Homeowners love open concept designs when it comes to their home remodeling projects. Especially when planning for a kitchen remodeling in Las Vegas, Nevada, open layouts are more functional and more accessible for entertaining. Afterall, a kitchen is a place that brings people together. If you want to keep an open design, you can not go wrong with a single level island. Not only does the island create a more intimate kitchen, but it also is great to have extra prep space. Home remodeling trends change regularly. One trend that seems to be a favorite amongst homeowners still is custom cabinets. Not only are white custom cabinets beautiful but are clean, timeless and can be used with any style of kitchen. For storage solutions, consider deep drawers especially near cooking ranges. Deep drawers can be so much more beneficial than your standard cabinetry. Our designs give you more storage space along with easy accessibility. Homeowners like these sort of extra add-ons to help keep drawers organized and tidy. Another trend is getting rid of upper cabinetry and maintaining an airy look. As upper cabinets disappear, walls start opening up, and now your storage is integrated into your custom cabinetry. So is less more? That depends on your taste.