Las Vegas Home Styles

Las Vegas is one of the major cities in Nevada. The area is continually seeing an increase in the number and styles of homes. With more and more home developers and enthusiasts investing in the development of new homes, improved designs have been crafted to feature blends of traditional styles and new ones. Depending on the developer and homeowners preference, there are numerous home styles are prominent in Las Vegas.

ranch style house in las vegas

Ranch style homes

The ranch style is perhaps the most common architectural style for homes in Las Vegas. It features an L-shaped floor plan and structure and often rises to a single story. Part of the architecture allows for garages, gable roofing, and open floor plans made of materials including bricks, wood or stucco. This style is Las Vegas’ most ancient style dating back to the 1920’ after its introduction in the area by Spanish developers and designers. It is popularly adopted and suited for homes with large families desiring infinite space. Slight modifications have, however, been allowed in the plan to feature partitions suited for multiple families and secluded spaces.

Spanish home designs

The Spanish home designs in Las Vegas are inspired mainly by the traditional feel that the West Coast offers. It dates back to the 1700’s when settlers and communities in the area designed homes that would blend well with the region and atmosphere. Some of the prominent features of the home design include the low roofs popularly made of tiles, stucco walls, colored tiles, rounded windows and doors, balconies, and other colorful features. The Spanish design has gained populace in Las Vegas given that it offers ambient space for cooling in the summer heat.

Tuscan home design

This design dates back to the European concepts but is highly inspired by Italian styles. It makes use of traditional and natural resources of construction material such as limestone, marble, and travertine to give the house a more exotic and luxurious feeling. To give the homes a more exquisite touch, the design also uses other features such as stucco walls, terracotta roofs, marble or ceramic flooring, textured walls, among others features that give the house a more natural feeling coupled with ambient natural lighting.

Mediterranean home styles

This style is largely influenced by the Mediterranean Sea style of architecture and uses multiple features such as open floor plans, terracotta tiling, stucco walls, and arched windows and doors. The style is more of a blend of the Middle Eastern and Western construction styles and is most common in situations such as homes used for hosting entertainment events or other luxurious areas such as five-star hotels.

Tudor styles

This style dates back to the 1800’s and features a blend of the Renaissance and Medieval architectural style. Some of the distinctive features which define the Tudor style include masonry-based chimneys, wood frameworks, steep gable roofs, and stone fireplaces. The style is considered one of the prominent among the rich persons in the Las Vegas area. The expensive construction materials offer an exquisite way of life for the most affluent homeowners. Homes constructed in the posh areas and estates of Las Vegas use the Tudor style.

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