Las Vegas kitchen design trends

According to Reviving Vegas, the kitchen can be an interesting room to remodel when you want to change the colors and the details. If you’re contemplating what you want your Las Vegas kitchen to look like, consider a few design trends that are at the top of the list of styles in kitchens of all sizes. A Las Vegas kitchen contractor like Reviving Vegas can offer assistance with measurements that need to be taken as well as any replacements that you want to do in the kitchen, such as the cabinets or the counters.

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Clean Appearances

There will likely be very few cabinets that have extravagant details on them. Cabinets will have a clean look with straight lines that aren’t very detailed. A top trend is flat cabinet panels that offer a smooth appearance in the kitchen as soon as you walk into the room. The hardware that you use will bring out the character of the cabinets in the kitchen.

Going Dark

Instead of lighter colors in the kitchen, add a touch of sophistication by using dark cabinet panels and counters. Black is at the top of the list of colors that are trending in kitchens as well as dark grays. There was a time when white was a primary color associated with kitchens. Now, black and other dark shades deliver a modern appearance that combines well with the modern appliances that are often seen in this room of the home. Navy blue and forest green are colors to consider if you don’t want to use black in your kitchen. Combine darker colors with lighter trim around the windows, lighter walls, or lighter counters as a nice contrast in the room.

Plain And Simple

On the opposite end of the design spectrum, neutral colors on the walls and cabinets are a trend as well if you want a brighter space for cooking and eating. Add a few floating shelves that are darker colors against white or beige walls for a modern contrast. Hardware in darker colors is an option to consider as well.

Keep It Open

Aside from open shelves on the walls in your kitchen for storing cooking essentials as well as items that you might keep hidden in cabinets, consider windows that have an open design as well as an open layout. An open window plan would be one that doesn’t have divided panes, allowing more light to shine through the kitchen. An open layout in your kitchen is a design trend that allows you to do more with the space that’s available, such as using tables in different sizes and shapes or maintaining a better flow from the cooking area to where you’ll serve the food that you prepare.

Lighting Options

Recessed lighting is a trend that is used in many Las Vegas kitchens instead of pendant lights. Pendants and other lights that drop down at any level from the ceiling are often seen as clutter. A benefit of recessed lighting is that it can be installed in any area of the kitchen where it’s needed, such as underneath cabinets.