Reasons to have your kitchen cabinets replaced

Custom kitchen cabinets by Reviving Vegas add beauty and functionality to a kitchen; however, because they are used every day, they soon lose their luster. Of course, you can reface your cabinets; the process does not disrupt your daily life and some like the character and charm that it brings to the kitchen. In addition, it is less expensive than replacing your kitchen cabinets.

However, for some, refacing just doesn’t cut the mustard; does not provide an appealing or attractive look to the kitchen. You can create a brand new look in your kitchen with new cabinets; a look that may meet or exceed your individual needs and expectations.

dark kitchen cabinets

One reason why some choose new cabinets is because they are unhappy with the layout of their kitchen. Maybe your floor plan in the kitchen is not up to par; however, refaced cabinets will not make the floor look any better or attractive. New cabinets will, however, will give your kitchen a newer and more attractive look.

Another reason why some want to replace their kitchen cabinets is because their cabinets are looking bad. They are falling apart, the metal is rusting or the wood is prematurely aging. Refacing them would not make them look better; it will only delay the inevitable.

Structural issues in a kitchen are another reason to have your kitchen cabinet replaced. For example, walls shift when floors settle. When this happens, cabinets can sit crooked or hang and doors begin to shut improperly. Refacing your cabinets will not improve the look and function of your cabinets. On the other hand, when your cabinets are installed by a professional, he will take care of the structural problems first. That will keep your new cabinets looking new and functional for years to come.

Another reason to replace your kitchen cabinet is because they are old. Cabinets that were painted in the late 1970’s were most likely painted with lead paint. Removing lead paint is not only costly it is hazardous to anyone who tries to remove the paint. In this circumstance it is better to replace the old cabinets with new cabinets.

Water damage is another reason to replace your kitchen cabinets. Water can harm the structure of your kitchen cabinets and give it a swollen or bubbly look. Another symptom of water damage is dark spots on the wood. Water damage can also cause mold. If this is the case with your cabinets, you should consider replacing your cabinets with new ones.

Should you be ready to buy new kitchen cabinets, the following are several tips that may make the process easier such as first deciding on a door profile. Examples of door profiles are recessed miter and raised arch. The next thing to do is decide on the style.

Use your budget and door profile in mind when making your choice. Go to your nearest home improvement store and take pictures of several styles you like and then choose your favorite. If you have a favorite cabinet color and finish, then you are ready to choose. If you are not sure, talk with an expert who can give you helpful advice.

Function and beauty are important in a kitchen; think about these qualities as you look over cabinets. Most importantly, think about how you use your kitchen; how you want it to function, day after day. Of course, you want your kitchen to be efficient and organized. Would a kitchen island help or would it simply take up space?

Replacing kitchen cabinets offer several benefits besides making your kitchen look new and improving the functionality of your kitchen. Replacing kitchen cabinets also improves the comfort of your kitchen. New cabinets are easier to open and close, protect your dishes, pots and pans and other kitchen necessities, improves safety and improves the value of your home.

Keep in mind; by replacing kitchen cabinets, you may also avoid injuries that come from cabinets that function improperly. For example, cabinet shelving that is not sitting properly and has aged badly could slide off when least expected, causing dishes and other items to fall on a person, counter top or floor.

To conclude, this can add beauty and functionality to a kitchen; however, because they are used every day, they lose their luster. Check out your nearest home improvement or furniture store and find a kitchen cabinet style that will best meet your needs. Call Reviving Vegas for more information on home remodeling in Las Vegas (702) 844-9090