Tips for Doing a Kitchen Remodel Project

Create a kitchen design plan ahead of time that suits your needs.

When you remodel your kitchen, you have the chance to create the perfect kitchen for yourself. Now is the time to decide if you need a double oven or a bigger island. You should also consider the placement of everything. Make sure everything is placed where it is most convenient. 

If you have children, consider them when planning.

You should consider whether or not your children will be preparing their own food and if they will be using appliances such as the microwave. If they will be using the microwave, maybe you should consider placing it at a child-friendly height. If you plan on having a knife drawer installed, you should consider your children then, too. The drawer should be placed in an area where the children cannot reach it. 

Take the curtains down and store in a safe place.

Taking the curtains down will save you so much cleaning later. During a kitchen remodel, dust will be getting everywhere and the curtains may be hard to clean. Your best option is to just remove them and put them up after the remodel is finished. 

Cover all furniture and light fixtures with trash bags and drop cloths.

This tip is for the same reasons as the last one; to save you time on cleaning later. Covering the furniture and light fixtures prevents you from having to vacuum and wipe down all the dust after the remodel. 

Be around during the work.

Sticking around during the remodel is so important. Not only will you be available for last-minute decisions or changes, but the work will likely get done faster, as well. Being present will keep the work crew moving quickly, whereas leaving the work crew on their own may result in many breaks while you’re away. 

Do not use your air conditioner or heater.

This might be a difficult tip to follow depending on the time of year you are doing your remodel, but it is important to prevent a huge mess later. If you turn your air conditioner or heater on during the remodel, dust will be moved from the kitchen area into the rest of your house. It will be blown through the air ducts and out through the vents, creating a huge problem. 

Buy dishes that can be thrown away.

With limited access to your kitchen and the items that are normally in it, you should definitely purchase some dishes and utensils that can be thrown away. If you are doing a full remodel, your dishes may be packed away anyway. Plus, it is best to avoid going in the kitchen as much as possible during the process. 

Buy food that can be prepared without cooking, and set up a microwave outside of the kitchen.

You will not always have access to the kitchen, so the microwave in your kitchen will be unavailable at times. This could cause some problems, so you should set up a microwave ahead of time in a different area of the house. You should also buy foods that can be quickly cooked in a microwave, and foods that can just be eaten out of the package. 

When packing up your kitchen cupboards, label each box.

You never know when you might need something from one of the boxes. Save yourself the trouble of going through every single box to find that item by labeling the boxes as you pack them up. This also makes unpacking easier when the remodel is finished. 

Remember that this is your kitchen.

Make sure that you like the kitchen remodel. Choose colors that appeal to you and your family, and set the kitchen up in a way that is great for your family, not anyone elses. If you are looking for a kitchen remodeling company in Las Vegas, contact for more information on pricing, turn around times, designs, and scheduling.