Types of custom wall units

Homeowners learned a while ago that custom wall units do not need to be simply utilitarian. Some of the most beautiful are built-in, wall-high bookshelves found in those stately English manors. These units are astonishing, built as they are with exotic wood veneers and decorations of pilasters and pediments. More modern units might be made of MDF and are not quite as fancy, but they’re just as aesthetically pleasing. Here are some types of custom wall units:

mudroom wall unit

Storage in the Entry Hall

Lots of entry halls have empty wall space that the homeowner doesn’t know what to do with or a coat rack that’s crowded with everyone’s stuff. One solution is a wall unit where everything is hidden behind doors or stored in drawers or containers. The unit stretches up to the wall and is divided into four parts. The first part has two long and narrow closed cabinets, one on top of the other. The second part is wider, with six niches to hold containers such as banker’s boxes or willow baskets. Beneath them are three cabinets with mirrored door panels. At the bottom of the unit are three deep drawers.

Navigating Wall-High Kitchen Cabinets

To maximize storage space, a homeowner might install a wall of mostly glass-fronted kitchen cabinets that reach up to the ceiling. Since retrieving dinnerware or cookware from the very top cabinets might be difficult, installing a rail with a rolling library ladder may be a solution. These ladders are attractive in their own right and save folks the trouble of finding the step stool when they need to grab that special platter.

Shelves at Different Levels

Floating shelves placed on the wall at different levels keep the eye moving around, which makes the wall and the room even more interesting.

Shelves at the Very Top of the Wall

Shelves that are installed right below the ceiling can be surprisingly attractive. They also free up space for the rest of the wall.

Bracketed Corner Shelves

Open, bracketed shelves in an otherwise awkward kitchen corner not only hold extra plates, glasses and bowls but are very attractive. Paint them the same color as the surrounding wall so they call just the right amount of attention to themselves.


Custom bookcases can be built in more places than people think. They can be placed on the wall between two windows, on either side of a fireplace, in an alcove or on either side of an old fashioned writing desk with a “bridge” of bookshelves connecting them. The bridge gives the desk enough clearance for a lamp or a small painting. To make the bookcases look like they were built in, the builder should forget about a back, and attach the frame and the shelves directly to the wall.

Bathroom Storage

Wall hung cubicles in the bathroom add storage in a space that nearly always wants for it. For a playful touch, paint the inside of each cubicle a different primary or secondary color.

Kitchens and Niches

When considering a kitchen remodel, a Las Vegas homeowner should think of installing a display cabinet in a narrow wall that would be otherwise forgotten. These niches are easy to place between wall studs. They can not only be places to show off a potted plant, flower arrangement or work of art but can serve as a message center for the family.