Different Types of Superb Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Everyone wants to make their kitchen look beautiful and appealing to the eye. Matching utensils and improving the overall cleanliness are ways to make kitchens look more attractive and appealing. However, kitchen cabinets can be used in making your kitchen even better, especially when you have the best style. Here are some critical cabinet styles that you need to consider for your home.

picture of kitchen cabinets

• Shaker Cabinets
This is a style that is simple and clean while at the same time portraying a functional design. Some of the stand out features in this is that it has flat doors and some rail frames. The design is composed of natural wood and some beautiful color finishing such as black and white which are timeless. This model has a casual look while demonstrating high levels of a classic cabinet in a modern society. Shaker kitchen cabinets are becoming popular in many developed societies as they make the kitchen to look stylish with a sense of style.

• Contemporary
This is a simple style that does not have many flashy additions but simple features that make your kitchen look spacious due to the minimal colors. This has flat wood all around it as compared to other types of styles that incorporate stainless steel in their design. Contemporary cabinets are highly recommended by Reviving Vegas, because they can be used in small kitchens. They are tall enough which makes them utilize the vertical space rather than the horizontal space that might not be available in a small kitchen. This style is easily made as they use locally available materials rather than aesthetic materials that are not readily available.

• Grass-Front
This style incorporates a style that has doors made of glass making it be the focal point of the kitchen. However, except for the door, other parts of the cabinet are made using wooden materials and stainless steel or any available materials. This type is mostly used in storing some prized glassware and other gifts such as bowls that you would want to show to any person entering your kitchen. It is important to highlight that glass-front makes the kitchen to look spacious and clean as compared to wooden doors.

• Traditional
Traditional styles include more comprehensive storage facilities with little fancy or design to show. They have wooden doors. More importantly, the doors used in a traditional cabinet flush to either side when closing or opening the cabinet through a frame. Traditional styles do not have a definite color theme as they can adopt any color concerning the taste and preferences of the user. The problem with this style is that they are large enough and cannot be kept in small kitchen trends.

• Slab
Slab can be confused with contemporary designs. However, they are more advanced and come with a modern look that makes them stand out among other types. Some of the best characteristics of slab cabinets are that they can be easily cleaned because they do not have corners where dirt can accumulate. They are also easy to make as all the materials necessary are readily available, and no intensive labor is needed while making such cabinets. Besides they easy to make a design, slab cabinets are easy and cheap to maintain as one does not require the services of an expert.

• Louvered
Louvered is a design that incorporates large spaces between each slat. This makes them not suitable for the everyday utensils used in the kitchen as they are likely to fall. Some of the best things to store in a louvered cabinet include electronics, routers, and other large electronic devices. Louvered cabinets can be used in storing anything that needs sufficient ventilation for enough air circulation due to the spaces between the slates. Most of the louvered cabinet designs are made by use of wood materials other than stainless steel and other materials.

• Casual
This is a type of style that does not adopt any standard method by individuals. This cabinet focuses on achieving the different needs and tastes of an individual. Casual cabinets tend to meet the expectations of a person by ensuring that it is built while incorporating the needs of the owner. It is highly customized such that it reflects the needs of the owner. It demonstrates self-expression and appreciation of individual’s freedoms.