Custom Wine Racks Las Vegas

For wine enthusiasts across the country, there is a certain appeal at having a solid wine rack to place the bottles of delicious, grape-based goodness into. There are many variables when it comes to the perfect wine rack, a rack that will fall into one of 5 basic types upon completion. Listed below are 5 of the main types of wine racks, all of which can be made via the custom process.


Table and counter racks may hold less wine per rack, but these diminutive installations make up for it with their convenience and artistic flair. After all, who needs an entire cellar shelf's worth of wine for one meal? These racks are versatile in both their looks and functions, making them a prime target for a quick custom job. Dinner guests will be astounded and impressed by the additional pizzazz added to an already immaculately-set table.


These racks tend to vary in size, fluctuating wildly depending on the amount of available wall space. Besides the potential difference in size, these racks hold up better than some stacks and tabletop counterparts strictly due to increased durability. There is something to be said for a well-furbished wine rack, one that is forgiving on clumsy snatches from the rack and rarely risks collapsing entirely because of them. In addition, wall-mounted units are visually appealing and the addition of two can lend some added symmetry to the kitchen or dining room.


Here's an innovation that can add a bit of diversion and amusement to the dining experience. Stacking racks on top of one another has evolved into a unique subset of wine racks that are as entertaining to watch as they are easy to use. Convenience is the key for these stacked racks, as most of them tend to swivel to allow any bottle to be grabbed at any time. Stacking racks is a space saver, allowing for increased empty space to fill with whatever kitchen supplies are deemed necessary. On the downside, these racks tend to be a little more fragile than their stationary counterparts.


The humble wine cabinet is the best option for a client that isn't a prodigious drinker, but simply wants a convenient and possibly classy-looking stash for their wine. The wine cabinet is the perfect enclosure for bottles, one that protects them from rogue outside forces while usually having a window that allows dining guests to peer at the treasures within.


Of course, custom is as custom does. Perhaps the occasion calls for a rack that is a hybrid of several on the list, or one that doesn't fit any of the criteria at all. Fortunately, as one of the leading custom carpenters in the state of Nevada, Reviving Vegas can make any and all dreams stand to become a reality due to our team of consummate professionals.